Thursday, May 2, 2013

From Student and Sister

by Miguel Grilo

The seasons are so pretty!
The flowers bloom in Spring.
The Summer brings up tides
Which make the surfers sing.

In fall the trees will molt
Their feathers, gold and red.
In Winter, weather lays it's sheets,
Which make a little, white bed.

My 5th grade pupil, Miguel, wrote this poem all by himself yesterday. I love it! He did such a good job. Although he speaks English fluently, being descriptive is not his strength (except when using sound effects! lol), so I was quite proud of him when he read this descriptive poem to me after school.

My little sister, Olivia, sent me one of her poems recently as well (she's going to scold me for putting it here, but I'm so proud of her I can't resist!). Here it is:

The Stream
by Olivia Antuña

A beautiful stream,
Crashing and clashing,
With the sun's beam
Keeping it flashing.

Splashing away
Like children at play.
Freely giving to all
From spring to the fall.



  1. Congratulations to both poets! Beautiful poems! Like Robert Frost once said: "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." Although poetry is not always words... Indeed to find very young people writing poems is rare nowadays. So Katie, continue doing the good work of being a positive influence as a teacher and a sister. And congratulations on your 100th post! You're getting old! ;D

  2. Great job Miguel! Thanks for sharing Katie but I think you are right about the scolding, lol.

  3. Whoawhoa!!!! Miguel wrote THAT all by himself? I'm not sure I can believe it! You didn't help him at all? If this is true, he deserves a big high five and hug all the way from Canada! Please pass it on:)