Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Poem I Wrote for Easter

Sorry to post so late...I've been busy, but now I'm home for the summer. :) Praise the Lord! 

Upon the cross my Savior bled
He gave His life for me
And by the water and the blood
He sealed the victory. 
But as the sun began to set
They laid Him in a tomb
And sorrow caused them to forget
That He would rise up soon. 

He rested on the Sabbath 'til
He heard the angel's voice
"Come forth, God's Son! Thy Father calls!"
Let all the earth rejoice! 
He broke the chains of death with love 
He conquered every sin
He rose again and reigns above
All glory goes to Him. 

Now all my riches, worldly fame, 
I place upon His cross
With Him I give my self away
I count all things as loss
My life, now hid with Christ in God, 
I press toward the prize
That I may hear the upward call
And with my Savior rise.

Hosanna to the King of kings 
Who rose up from the dead
Where once he wore the cruel thorns
Now victory crowns instead.
All nations now shall bow the knee
And every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord indeed -
The King of Righteousness.