Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There's a first time for everything!

Splash! Here I go, diving into the blogging world head first. I always enjoyed reading other people's blogs, so I figured I should write one myself. That might be even more fun. I'm really busy, so I may not write many posts, but I hope the ones I do write are interesting. Actually, the only reason I have time to write a post now is because I'm sick. It's kind of nice being sick when your really tired. I feel like a blogging, hibernating, bear. Sleep, wake up, blog, sleep some more, wake up, blog. Like I said, it's kind of nice being sick.
This last weekend my school went on a tour, and our orchestra and choir did three concerts. It was really fun, as usual. My school goes on tours all the time. The whole school is musical, and our goal is to spread the gospel around the world and hasten the second coming of Christ. We make music DVDs and CDs that are all to glorify Christ and His message. It's really neat that a student body, under the leadership of Christian staff, can film, record, edit, and produce their own media. It's loads of fun. The Lord has really blessed me to let me be a part of this. I mean really, what other sophmore gets to travel around playing her violin to the glory of God, for school?
Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, I'm sick, so I think I'll go back to sleep. I hope you have enjoyed my first post. God bless, and make a great day!