Monday, May 13, 2013

A Sabbath Walk

On Sabbath I went on a walk with some friends from church, and we had a lovely time. Close to the beginning of our walk we met some of the typical Timorese cows.

They look like this.

I don't think this one wanted his picture taken...I didn't stick around to find out...

This is the path that we walked on part of the way to our destination. 

Aaahhh...relaxing, eh? 
Our path along the beach passed many cafes that serve their food and drinks right on the beach at little tables like this one. One of the cafes even has gf pancakes! Sweet!

These are some pictures of one of my friends and the road we walked on after the path ended.

Looking back at ground already covered. That's the cafe-lined beach.

A new Filipina friend! Yay!

Glimpses of what is to come! Can you guess our destination?

Along the way, we stopped to look at...

A new local family taking wedding pictures. 
The stairs they're sitting on are the ones we went up to get...

to this lovely view!
These pictures are from the top of the hill we climbed (there are approximately 600 stairs to the top). This view is looking back down and to the left.

Looking straight back down the way we came.

Looking back and to the right.

And more and more right...

Standing around and talking at the top...
under the shadow of...

Cristo Rei (Christ the King)

On our way home and looking back at where we were.
So pretty...

It was a wonderful end to a very happy Sabbath.

Isn't God good? He always amazes me with His nature. Just today, as I was thinking about my soon return to the States, I was warmed by the thought that wherever I go, I'll still have the same Creator to paint pretty pictures in the sky for me. Each picture will be new, and the clouds and colors will be different in each place, but He can bring beauty out of any horizon. 

"When trials come into our lives, when clouds darken the horizon, how ready we are to forget that Jesus is our Saviour, that behind the clouds the Sun of Righteousness is shining; that angels are close beside us, preserving us from harm...Look away from yourself to Jesus, who is pleading before the throne of God in your behalf. Listen to his words, "Come unto me...and I will give you rest." "Him that cometh to me I will in nowise cast out." With the hand of faith grasp the promises of God. Appropriate these blessings to yourself, not at some future time, but today," (RH, 4/18/1907 par. 3). 


  1. Thanks for sharing, Katie. I really enjoyed seeing a bit of where you are! And yes, let us remember and remind each other that our loving Creator is always painting those beautiful pictures if only we would look and see by the eye of faith.

  2. Thanks so much, Katie. I needed this today. I love what you said about always having the same Creator to paint beautiful pictures for us wherever we go, on any horizon. <3

  3. Oh, Katie! I love all your pictures! I wish I could have come and visited you while you are in Timor! That would have been so much fun! Thanks for always posting. It's so nice to see what you're up to and catch a glimpse of Miguel once in a while:)

  4. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. I really liked the sunset shots. Let's enlarge one for our wall :) As we walked on our road today, and looked at all of the wild flowers, we could hardly wait to be walking with you!

  5. It's so good to remember my days in "paradise"... all those familiar things! My everyday jogging to Cristo Rei and back, the more and 600 step climb up to "the top of the world" and down, the warm water of the beaches, the animals walking freely, the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen and specially, my dear friends that were like my family... these pictures bring back so many precious memories. But most of all, it's so good to know, as you put it, I "still have the same Creator to paint pretty pictures in the sky for me." Enjoy Katie! God is so good! ;)