Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Week in Katie's Life: Sunday

My time in Timor-Leste is coming to a close. Exactly 14 days left, in fact. Sometimes as I think about the people and places here, time and effort and relationships, I feel like I've integrated so much as to have almost acquired a whole new "world." It's a bit difficult to put into words. It's kind of like, I belong here. Maybe more like, I could belong here, because I have no doubt about where home is, and I'm desperate to see my family again...and my friends too. 

Still, what I have experienced this year is something special that I never want to forget, so this week, I'm going to try to take the time to document a bit of my everyday life. I want to have something to look back on when I've re-immersed myself into the North American way of life...still not sure how that's going to work...but God will be with me there too. He's been my only stability here, and that won't ever change. 

Anyway, here are some snapshots from today. I meant to start earlier in the day, but totally forgot. The first thing I did once I got my day started was say happy birthday to my mom over skype. :) Then we all had breakfast and Miguel and I worked on some math and social studies.   

Next, Paulo was called in to the clinic, and Miguel and AvĂ´ and I went along to see the new ambulance.

 Doesn't it look sharp?

And these are the clinic doors...with my reflection...oops.

I got tired of waiting at the clinic pretty fast and went for a walk. 
I ended up at the Tais market! I really like to look around here. 

 And these are the things I see. Aren't they pretty?! I love all the colors!

The tais (colorful cloths) are all handwoven like this...

I sat and watched this lady and her daughter for a while. We spoke a funny mix of Tetun, Portuguese, and English. It was so fun! I found out that her daughter is the same age as my sister, although you would never guess if you judged by height. The tais she is working on is in the traditional colors of Timor: red, black, yellow, and white. 

After that brief excursion into town, I did some birthday prep. Miguel's birthday is this week, and we're having the party next Sunday. These are the invitations. Can you tell that they're tents? I hope so...

 Unfortunately we couldn't get any glue, so I had to use tape to put everything together...oh, well...

 What a sweet campsite!
I can't wait until I can go camping in the wilderness of North America again...mmmm

Later in the afternoon we went to a church member's house.

On the property, beside the house, there was a tent set up.

Inside the tent were lots of chairs...

and a projector.
 Why all this set up?
The Fomento Seventh-day Adventist church is having a health seminar this week!

Today was the first day of the meetings, so it took a while for everything to be set up and ready. When everything was ready, we discovered that we would have to wait some more because the village chief hadn't arrived yet (I didn't get a picture of him because I didn't even realize who he was until he shook my hand as I left the meeting...oops!).

 Anyway, we finally did get started. First of all, Dr. Szamko gave a talk about upper respiratory health while the local pastor translated.

She talked about preventing and treating sickness by the eight doctors (newstart) and hygiene, and about the immune system.

Joan, the pastor, and Dr. Szamko led us in singing the NEWSTART song...

and afterwards, Joan gave a demonstration on hydrotherapy.

This "victim's" name is Lola.

The other "victim" is the pastor's daughter.

Getting the "sick" people all wrapped up for their foot bath.
Checking her temperature...

Such a sweet, cooperative, little patient! :)

 And these are the people who came! Praise the Lord! Some of them are church members, some not. Even so, I think it was a very educational program for everyone. 

So, that was my Sunday! Hopefully I'll have more to show you tomorrow. Please pray for the local church as they present these meetings, for the people who have come, and for those who will.
Blessings to you all! 


  1. The invitations turned out great considering what you had to work with :)We will pray for the meetings, that they will make a difference in the health of the people. This will be a nice memento for you once you are back in the 1st world (we are counting the days!!!)

  2. What a great idea... you'll cherish these moments for as long as you remeber. And I'm sure you'll leave an important "footprint" through where you have been, as a blessing from God. #toGodbealltheglory