Monday, May 13, 2013

A Gecko on the Wall

Not too long ago a fellow student missionary friend of mine posted a picture of a gecko on the wall in her classroom. I just had to share a picture of this gecko that lives in our compound. Unfortunately I didn't get a very good picture because it was night time and he was camera shy, but I was glad to finally get a shot of him. What you can't tell from the picture is that he is actually a blue-ish, grey-ish, green with bright orange polka-dots. And he's about a foot long. At night he sings a loud hiccup-y sort of song that goes TOE-kaaayyy...TOE-kaaayyy... Hence his name, Tokay gecko, or lacerta gecko or gekko gecko.


  1. A foot long? Oh my! We didn't have geckos that long in Guam! They are fun creatures, I'm not sure how much I would like such a big one in my house though... I liked the pictures of your walk! I miss you lots!

  2. Cool...I don't remember our lizards in Florida singing to us :)

  3. Oh, what a great pet to have in your bedroom... they eat mosquitoes!
    For those that have never heard a Tokê:
    One day at a restaurant in Dili my wife heard one (before I told her what it was), and she thought it was a bird... well, and I didn't want to ruin the meal for her. :)