Friday, May 17, 2013

To My Father...

Plant Your Love inside my heart.
Water it, and make it grow.
Train Love's flower to behold Thy face.
Cause my cup to overflow.

Though the night be long and cold,
And dark and frost be out to kill,
Hide me underneath Your wings.
Shelter me within Your will.

Father, take me by my arms.
Hold me up, for I can't stand.
Teach me how to walk to You.
Steady me with Your right hand.

Raise me like a parent would.
Chasten me when I am bad.
Cheer for me when I am good.
Hold me close when I am sad.

Feed me first with follower's milk.
Then teach me how to search for meat.
In Your Word I'll find my food.
In your steps I'll place my feet.

The seed you placed inside my heart
Is not trapped there anymore.
Little leaves and slender stem
Have burst forth from my stony core.

Let Your Son shine down on me.
Guide my eyes to seek His ways.
In His light I'll ever sing
Songs of gratitude and praise.