Monday, May 27, 2013

A Week in Katie's Life: Monday

Well, today was Monday. Just to let you know, Mondays in Timor are just as hard to get started as they are in North America. Miguel was really tired this morning after getting home late from the health seminar Sunday night, so we kind of dragged our feet a bit in school.

Here's my messy desk...and, sorry Mom, those are doodles on my lesson plan...guess I still haven't broken that habit yet. :)

Here's Miguel's messy desk. The green blob is Thinking Putty. It's supposed to help kinesthetic learners...I think it's a great for helping with school...hmmm...Let's just say I'm not convinced.

 I did manage to get a bit of work done on some materials for Miguel's birthday party on Sunday. This is the start of a compass for "pin the needle on the compass," instead of pin the tail on the donkey.

This is something that I made today for Miguel to use in Bible class tomorrow. He's learning all the books of the Bible by memory. I'm so glad it's required by the textbook this period. I've been trying to motivate Miguel to memorize them all year, and it just hasn't worked. Yay! for textbook authority to back up the pleas of a teacher! 

During recess and lunch breaks I got to talk to my lovely family. :) Makes me smile every time. Praise the Lord for Skype!

In the afternoon we finished up some school, and then I took Miguel to a homeschool co-op play-date at the beach. Normally I stay and chat with the homeschool moms, but today I had to go fill the gas tank, pick up a DVD at the pastor's house to share with some friends tonight, and bring Paulo his lunch. Therefore, I just dropped Miguel off and went to run my errands.

In the evening, I went to a friend's house for a fun get together. The girl hosting is from New Zealand, there was another girl from Nigeria, and the three boys are brothers from Australia. We went for a swim, had dinner together, and played some games. It was nice. My favorite part, however, was showing them the DVD that I picked up at the pastor's house (Fountainview Academy's Help in Daily Living). They seemed to really appreciate it, and asked to borrow it another night. :) That made me really happy, and it was lovely to remember the good times in Hawaii again.
 You can sort of see me on the side there. oops...

I think everyone else enjoyed their pizza, but I'm sure my salad was the prettiest plate on the table. ;) I offered to share my luscious dish, but my friends said they didn't eat trees...well, that's fine, I don't eat Piglet...or Wilbur...or the Little Red :)

Until tomorrow!


  1. I am really enjoying seeing your days Katie. Thanks!

  2. Hahaha! This is a really cool idea. I just saw your sister and Dad. They came up for the Ham radio test. It made me miss you even more! Where did you guys go to eat pizza? I don't recognize the restaurant. The nigerian and other girl are new, I'm assuming. Tell the Lowes hi for me!