Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Good morning, Mom! How are you?
Did you sleep well last night?
I wish I could've tucked you in,
all snuggle-y and tight.
Were you woken with a kiss;
hot jasmine tea close-by?
I wish that I could do these things!
Too bad I cannot fly.
What d'ya have for breakfast?
Shredded Wheat with milk?
Or was it something fancier
wrapped up with gold and silk?
Was this morning sunny?
Were your devotions grand?
Which church did you go to?
Did pastor shake your hand?
For lunch I know 'twas potluck.
Was your birthday known?
I hope you took my sage advice
and left your cake at home.
I know that might sound selfish,
but today's a day for you!
You're always serving others,
it's time that you're served too.
Just think of all you've done for me,
even just this week!
You fill out forms and counsel me,
I often steal your sleep. 
You mean so much to everyone:
a mother, friend, and wife.
You've cared and loved and prayed for me;
you've given me your life!
Happy Birthday, Mommy!
You are so dear to me.
I love you from the tips of my toes
to my cowlick where you kiss me. 
May your day be bright and cheery,
and filled with love and care.
May joy and peace be by your side-
soon also I'll be there!
And when I am beside you,
I'll give you a long, long hug.
I'll wipe your tears and you'll wipe mine.
We'll sit all cozy and snug.
We'll drink our tea together,
and read our Bibles too.
We'll go for walks in the sunshine;
have talks for just us two.
Our spoons will clink in unison,
bananas we will share,
but you can keep your Shredded Wheat.
I'm GF - I don't care! ;)
I'll help you in your garden.
I'll go to church with you.
I'll harmonize while viola you play,
and help you practice too. 
Do all these things sound lovely?
I hope they come true soon!
Let me know if there's anything else.
If I could, I’d give you the moon!
Although that gift might be too hard,
I'll not come home empty-handed,
I'll bring you treats from lands afar-
just wait 'til my plane has landed!
Are you curious? Want to peek?
Look below and then you'll see
a little something made just for you
with lots of love from me.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

p.s. The basket and cloth are for you too. ;)



  1. Btw...for all those who don't know what the crocheted square is, it's a dish rag. We generally use crocheted dishcloths at's a family thing...

  2. I bet she was sniffing while she was reading it.

  3. Bryan is right, I did have tears, but happy ones :) I will treasure this poem forever. Thank-you so much Katie. I really like the cloth you made too. Glad you now have that skill, since some of mine are wearing out! Love you XOXO