Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Last Stop Before My New Home

This was supposed to be posted a few days ago with my other travel notes, but the internet was having problems and it didn't work. Sorry that it is so late and out of order
Singapore: (about 1:00am) As I write this, I am sitting alone in a rather deserted Singapore airport. I’m actually rather lost, and I don’t know where to go or what to do, so I decided to relieve my nerves by writing a bit. I tried to figure out where I’m supposed to go when it is closer to my departure time, but my flight isn’t showing up on the screen things yet, and I think that is just because I still have at least seven hours until I need to head toward my gate. I tried calling home, but my phone keeps telling me that my phone plan doesn’t allow outgoing calls. I tried emailing, but the only way to get free wifi is through the information desk. I’m sitting across from it right now, but, since it is about 1:00am here, there is no one there to help me. I looked for a lounge or safe place to sleep, but nothing was convincing. Either it looked safe but was a smoking area, or it wasn’t a smoking area and didn’t look safe. Maybe I’m just not good at looking, but I don’t want to get lost, and it is nice to write, so I think I just sit here till the information desk opens.
(about 4:00am)Since I last wrote, I have been able to find a very nice bathroom, and a bunch of computers that are set up for public wifi use. Praise the Lord! I even got to chat with Allie, although I haven’t made any direct contact with my family (I was able to send them an email).  While I was at the desk of computers, I had my Timor Air verification printout in my hand. When I left to go have my devotions, I forgot it on the desk. For part of my devotions I write out my prayers in a journal (I have found this so effective!), and just as I was asking the Lord to keep me from forgetting or loosing anything, two policemen came riding up on mopeds. Of course, I was rather nervous, and I didn’t really know what they wanted at first, but I had just been asking the Lord to help me to trust Him, so I wasn’t too frightened. In broken and thickly accented English the police asked to check my boarding pass and passport. I gave them my passport and then realized that I didn’t have my verification printout for my ticket to Timor, and I hadn’t gotten my boarding pass  yet, so I didn’t have that either. I told them right out that I had lost it, but that I thought I might have left it by the computers (praise the Lord for giving me honesty and a good memory!). The policemen walked with me to the computers, and sure enough, there were my papers, however, a couple Asian men had been having a discussion and had used my papers for drawing diagrams and making calculations. Thankfully the policemen just laughed, gave me my documents, and told me exactly where I needed to go to get my boarding pass. And that’s where I am right now; sitting in front of the counter that issues boarding passes, waiting for it to open, because nothing is open at four in the morning. Lol! PtL! Praise the Lord for answering prayers just as they are being written.   

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  1. Katie I am so glad that your heavenly Father is watching over you all the time. (your earthly father mentioned something about a character in the King Elephant game :-P) Love you :-)