Monday, September 3, 2012


Here in Timor we drive on the left side of the road, and yes, I said we. I plan to get my International Driver’s License either this week or next week, and today I took a practice drive. After Miguel’s tennis lesson  this afternoon,  Paulo, Miguel, and I went to an empty lot so I could get used to the car that I will be using while I’m here (they have an extra car for me to use).  I drove around an old race track, did a u-turn and a couple other maneuvers, tried driving on typical Timorese terrain (really rough), and headed for the main road.
There is a little village about 14 km outside of Dili, and that was my first stop. Dodging motorcycles, taxis, children, chickens, dogs, pigs, and potholes all the way, we finally made it to our destination in the next town. After stopping there, I drove back to Dili. The road, although littered with distractions and hedged in on one side by a crumbling cliff, has the most beautiful view of the sea on the other side. Brightly colored fishing boats bobbed in the waves crashing against the rocks a few feet away from my tires. Across the small bay grow thick mangrove trees where saltwater crocodiles make their home. I can’t believe I live here and that I drove there today.
In Dili, I stopped at the mall, did some shopping (for clothes that disappeared in the laundry), and then drove home. It was an incredible experience and very fun. I think the most intimidating things were the narrow roads (sometimes with three vehicles for two lanes) and the left handed round-about that I went through. Thankfully, the pace is slow, so it is actually not too hard to maneuver my little car between the trucks and motorbikes. And the biggest blessing was that the Lord helped me. He kept me calm and confidant and safe, and I know that only He could have done that.


  1. Yikes! Okay it doesn't sound any worse than driving near Seattle. Be careful and do not get distracted by the beautiful view :-)

  2. I was sure you could do it!
    Tene faith and anything is possible!
    already have a driver's license? perfect!
    and you can take me for a ride in your car one day in Buenos Aires
    I'm glad you're living all that! and have an incredible experience!
    you want your loyal follower
    your cousin
    Tu prima

  3. sorry buy my English so bad ... te quiere Tu Fiel Seguidora!!!