Friday, September 7, 2012

An Unexpected Visitor

Hillary Clinton came to visit today. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet her, or even to see her, but I did hear the sirens of her armed escort as she drove by our compound. We live basically next door to the US embassy, so she was pretty close by.
All the main roads were blocked off for the entire seven hours that she spent on our island. It was impossible to get anywhere. Road raged Timorese honked their horns and crowded together, two per lane. The city was a wreck outside her field of view.
Everything she saw, however, was perfect. The American embassy, which has the biggest swimming pool on the island, was decked out for her coming. Now that I think of it, last week they laid new tar in front of the US embassy. Even the roads she drove on were freshly paved.
So, why all this fuss? Why was Clinton even here, on this insignificant and far-away island of the South Pacific? Apparently Timor-leste has oil.


  1. I think so!
    coming all that for her?
    Two weeks after his departure perhaps be all forgotten
    Hopefully it is not so!

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    1. Did you mean "unexpected" ;-) Too bad you weren't able to see her though. If they had known that a talented violinist was living next door they might have invited you to play for her :-)

  3. Miss Antuna, Heidi and I will be back in Indonesia perhaps as early as this coming January. Thank you for keeping us updated on your mission.