Sunday, September 2, 2012


Another thing I've had to learn about here has been the doors. To open the double doors to the house, you have to push on the door that you don’t want to open, and then the door that you do want to open will swing open towards you by itself. Then there are the sliding glass doors that looked to me like regular doors. I tried and tried to open them, only to see my young student slide them open with ease a few minutes later. And my bathroom door! I have to hang all my weight on it to get it to latch shut. It’s all so strange. Yet the strangeness of these doors has made me think of another strange thing: humans.
Some open up without even being touched while others need you to hang all your weight on the door to their heart before they will let you in. As I’ve learned to adapt to the doors in my new house, I pray that the Lord will teach me how to open the hearts of the people of my new country and culture. May He give me, through prayer and faith, not only the keys to the doors of heaven, but also the keys to peoples’ hearts.

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  1. Oh, Katie, I like this. I didn't know they had funny doors. But I sure pray that somehow, God will show me how to open the doors to certain particular persons hearts this year. Love you and thanks for sharing!