Monday, January 14, 2013

Look to the Light

I posted this on Google+ and thought I should stick it here too for those of you who don't have G+. God bless!

When temptations assail you, when care, perplexity, and darkness seem to surround your soul, look to the place where you last saw the light. Rest in Christ's love and under His protecting care. When sin struggles for the mastery in the heart, when guilt oppresses the soul and burdens the conscience, when unbelief clouds the mind, remember that Christ's grace is sufficient to subdue sin and banish the darkness. Entering into communion with the Saviour, we enter the region of peace...                                                                           

     "Ye that have been borne by Me from your birth, 
      That have been carried by Me from your earliest breath, 
      Even to your old age I am the same; 
      Even to hoar hairs I will carry you; 
      I have done it, and I will still bear you; 
      I will carry, and I will deliver you." 
                                 Isaiah 46:3, 4, Noyes.  {MH 250.1} 

Praise the Lord! He never changes. It is only when we turn from Him that we loose sight of Him and the light that He is in our lives. To regain that closeness with Him, we need only look back to where we last saw the light!


  1. Thank you Katie! I really love encouraging....

  2. Definitely relevant for those of us in college!