Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Afternoon Walk

Well, if this works, it will be my first post with pictures! Yay! To those of you who know me well, you should be very proud (I am neither a photographer, nor a computer savvy person. It has taken me until now to figure out how easy it is to put pictures on my blog)!

I took these with my phone on a stormy afternoon when Miguel, Avô, and I went for a walk after school.

 Storm clouds gathering over the hills behind our compound.
 The coconut trees at our compound have the lowest coconuts I've ever seen! Some of them are so low that I could lie down on the grass and still reach up and grab a coconut!
 Our lovely pool.
 The muddy road we walked on. Can you tell that it is the rainy season?
 A corn field.

 Miguel has a new interest in bird watching...

 More road and trees...
 I think those red roofs are part of our compound...maybe.

 Cute, little goats.

 A pretty rooster.

Avô at the end of our walk. And yes, all that stuff on the ground is garbage...it's everywhere here.


  1. Katie, thanks for sharing the nice pictures. The only thing I recognize is the garbage. :)
    It must be great to have Avô there.
    We miss you people!
    Como é que está o teu português?

    1. My speaking Portuguese is terrible, but my listening Portuguese is getting pretty good! Before I would simply understand the main point of a conversation, and now I can actually understand each individual word. However, just because I understand it does not mean I can pronounce it! My tongue gets all tied up when I try to speak the things that I hear...oh, well, just got to keep trying!

    2. So it seems you're half way there! To understand is actually very good... because now there aren't any "secrets". :)
      You know that the best way to learn a language is to speak it, so as you said, just keep trying, because I'm sure you'll be pronouncing right... a língua mais falada no hemisfério sul.

  2. Yea pictures! It is great to be able to actually see where you are. Too bad about the garbage though. Thanks for sharing :)