Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thank you!

Twenty-five days ago I turned eighteen, and a bit more than twenty-five days ago some of my very dear friends teamed together to do something to make my day just a bit more special. Although they sent it right on time, it has taken close to 600 hours for the video to download (now maybe you understand my slow internet problems). I almost started crying for joy when I saw that it had come through today. This post is in response to their gift. Thank you.

Also, please don’t look for any form or pattern in this poem; it’s rather sloppy, but I truly mean it all. J

We arrived from different places,
Different backgrounds, different faces.
Each a God-given talent to share,
Leaders, hard workers, and those who care…
We made memories, and memories made us.
Our sophomore year was hilarious.
Junior year our friend-circle grew,
Hikes and adventures not a few.
Then we were seniors, what a surprise!
We grew, our lives changed before our eyes.
Good times, bad times, glad times, sad times.
Opened and ended with Askom climbs.
Each experience knit us together,
Played its part and drew us to the Father.
Fun times gave us faith to push through trials,
Hard times in turn gave strength and lent miles
Of trust, and depth to relationships which,
Have not broken but grown, our lives to enrich.
Now, for some, the seas are what separate,
For others, busyness’ walls are great.
Yet, God made us classmates, schoolmates, friends,
And His love, which binds us, never ends.
We can have faith, far apart though we be,
That one another in heaven we will see.
I wish I could let you know how much,
Your present for me my life did touch.
But words are not enough to say,
The way you filled my heart today.
You gave more than words, in the gift you sent.
Encouragement, smiles, and wishes meant
To make my day and bless my heart
Reached and touched me though miles apart.
Thank you all: Sam, Anne, and Katie,
Heather, Shannon, and Desiree,
Carmen, Michael, and Matthew too,
Kalyse and Heidi plus Andrew.
I know Liss helped a lot with this,
And special thanks to Amaris!
I love you all lots and miss you tons,
Wondering who I pray for? You’re the ones,
On my heart and mind all day
And when bedtime prayers I say.
Keep going strong! I’m rooting for you!
And don’t forget to pray for me too!
May God continue to hold,
And your character to mold,
Till we all meet again,
With Jesus, our best friend!

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  1. That was very moving and brought tears. So thankful for Godly, faithful friends that remind us we are loved.