Saturday, October 6, 2012


Unstable internet!
Haven't you loaded yet?
For hours I've waited,
But now I'm frustrated!

I lurk where your signal is strongest.
Downloading takes the longest,
Yet sometimes I can't even email,
Your performance is really a fail.

Patience is my lesson today,
And it was the same yesterday,
And the day before and before,
I have been tried o're and o're!

But obviously I haven't learned yet,
God's standard for me I haven't met.
Every day the test is the same,
My pastime is the waiting game.

So if you, my friends, don't hear from me,
Don't worry or fret or fear for me,
No longer can I substantiate,
An hour and a half per email to wait. 


  1. Oh Katie, you are so funny. I am frustrated too. I really was expecting to be able to skype at least once a week. Oh well, we still are blessed, compared to missionaries and their families long ago who had to wait many months to receive a letter. I'm thankful that our prayers are heard more quickly!

  2. I LOVE the part where it says your performance is really a fail. lol