Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thoughts on the Last Supper...

The sun was setting on His life,
The end was coming fast.
He felt the shadow of the cross;
This supper was his last.
With loving hands He acted out,
An illustration clear:
How God had served and given all
To draw the sinner near.

As Peter, John, and Judas fought,
And sought the highest place,
Their Master knelt and washed their feet:
What they had thought disgrace.
His condescension broke their hearts;
They saw their pride and sin.
He washed more than their filthy feet,
He cleansed the heart within.

All twelve disciples were with Christ
For more than three whole years,
And yet they still were subject to
Pride, doubt, and human fears.
We too have seen Christ through His Word,
By faith His name we bear,
But do our hearts reveal His love?
Or is self cherished there?

Let each of us draw near to Christ;
Walk humbly with our God.
He’ll cleanse the temple of our heart;
We’ll walk where He has trod.
Then only are we all prepared
To take the bread and wine,
Christ’s broken body and His blood,
Portrayed in sacred sign.

Christ gave His body for our sins,
His blood was spilled in love;
And by His perfect sacrifice
He’ll carry us above.
Before the Father on His throne
We now stand washed from sin;
Communion then will be restored
As we remember Him.


  1. It's already sometimes difficult to write down into words our thoughts... but to write them as poem... what an amazing gift! Thanks for sharing. I hope you publish one day a Gospel Poetry book. I want my autographed! :)

  2. Amen! Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for writing and sharing it. Will look forward to seeing more! :)