Tuesday, November 5, 2013

God of Love

God above, full of love,
Sent His Son to save us.
Matchless grace took our place;
ransom for the human race.
Prince of peace, King of kings;
He made earth and heaven.
Still He came as a child;
lowly, meek, and undefiled.

Humble life, carpenter,
He knows all our trials.
Tempted hard, suffered long,
showed us how to turn from wrong.
Love of God, rich and free,
Love I can’t repay.
How can I do my part?
I can only give my heart.

Once was lost, now I’m found,
Jesus, You have saved me.
Bought me back, rescued me,
gave me all eternity.
Spotless lamb, sacrifice,
He laid down His life.
Bore our sins, died our death,
loved us ‘til His final breath. 



  1. Great Kate! I really like your revisions. I would love to hear it with music :)

  2. God's amazing love! The whole gospel summarised in this poem. We have a poet! ;)