Thursday, August 30, 2012


Japan: In Japan, I was a little bit unsure of myself going through security and finding my gate, but the Lord led me exactly where I needed to go, and even delayed my flight so that I had time to Skype my family while I waited at the gate. I also got to watch the sunset, and that was really beautiful.

From Japan to Singapore: Immediately when I sat down for the flight to Singapore, I felt exhausted. I don’t know if that was what made the difference, but my second plane was so much more comfortable than my first one. I had been perfectly content with my first flight, but this one was lovely. The seats were bigger and cushier, they reclined more, I had more leg room. There was more than enough room for me to curl my legs up in my seat and fall asleep. It was torture to wait for takeoff, but I couldn’t recline my seat until we reached a certain altitude.  When we were finally high enough, they wouldn’t turn the lights off. For the first couple hours of the flight they went up and down the aisles again, offering me food and jewelry and lotion, filling my water bottle, and making all sorts of announcements. They brought me another Asian vegetarian meal, and this one was similar to the last, except that the hot dish was actually good. It had rice and lentils and greens and mushrooms ( I thought of you, Daddy, and of Gina, lol). I ate even less of this one than of the last one though, because I just wasn’t hungry.
Another thing about my second flight was the TV. I turned mine off, but no one around me seemed to be tired. Screens flashed and flickered the whole time, and it was highly annoying, but I did manage to sleep a lot.
Landing in Singapore was quite lovely. It was dark (around midnight), but I couldn’t see the stars because of the clouds. Then I thought I saw some stars through a break in the clouds, but the stars were below me. Were they reflections? As we dropped lower (which was also interesting, we were descending and I had not seen any land yet), I could see the reflection of the lights in the water. They were little boats. Hundreds of them dotted the calm sea, some small and white, others larger and nearly orange. The effect was ethereal. The sky and sea blended into almost the same color, and the “stars” floated peacefully beneath me, seemingly unaware of anything outside their circles of light. 

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  1. Maybe we should have gotten you the eye shades after all :-)