Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finally Made It!

Dili: Getting off the plane in Dili was like being in a movie. They opened the door of the plane, I stepped outside, went down the stairs, and then walked across the pavement to the customs/security/immigration station. I’ve never gotten off of a commercial flight like that, and it was really neat. I was really nervous going through immigration because there were some parts of my paper work that I had left blank because I just didn’t know what to put there (like my address in Dili, I still don’t know what it is! Lol). Praise the Lord though, I kept praying and things went really smoothly. I got a visa, found my luggage, went through security, and was warmly welcomed by the Grilo family. Miguel welcomed me in the traditional Timorese way by putting a hand woven stole around my neck (like getting a lei in Hawaii).
After meeting at the airport we went immediately to the house. I couldn’t have asked for better. My room here is almost twice the size of my room at home, I have a queen size bed, my own bathroom, and it is all so beautiful. I’m going to learn how to put pictures on here so that I can show you. The ceilings are high and the doors are all wooden and very tall.  The floors are tile, and there is a little courtyard and a very nice in-ground pool.
First I unpacked. Then we ate a very nice meal (with your favorite kind of mushrooms daddy! Lol), I took a shower, and then I took a nap. I didn’t think I would be able to sleep, but the next thing I knew, Ruth was waking me up and it was 8:00pm - time for her friend’s birthday party (they gave me the option of not going, but I couldn’t resist the adventure, and I want to be exposed to as much Portuguese as possible).
The restaurant was gorgeous. Candle light, Lebanese and Thai food, and lovely flowers and decorations: all right on the beach. I could even see the stars and the moon (hey livie, I saw the moon, the moon saw me;) and the sound of the waves was so nice. I could write more, but it is 11:30pm over here(7:30 am at home).  So, Buena noite!


  1. Oh, Katie! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I bet I know the restaurant you're describing! Little Pataya, right? I LOVE that place! I hope you're having fun so far! Please give Paulo, Ruth, and Miguel big hugs for me (or I suppose they can translate that into Portuguese kisses if they really want to! lol). I'm praying for you. I hope you're having fun too!! I'll try to email you soon. Oh, I'm just so happy everything seems to be going well!!!

  2. It eases my mind knowing that you are safely there with a nice family and pleasant surroundings. Hope you have a blessed and restful first Sabbath there! Love you sweet pea :-)