Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birthday Party I

This morning started early. Before breakfast I had half a birthday cake in the oven. 
This afternoon we had Miguel's kid birthday party, but first there was another party to go to.

The birthday boy with his spaceship piñata. 3, 2, 1, blast off!

Lots of happy guests.

I wasn't there for the whole party because I had to prepare for Miguel's party, but I did get to see them break the piñata.

Getting everything set up.

Everybody line up!
The first swing always goes to the birthday boy.

Warming up...


Little sis gives a whack.

To make things fair for children of all ages, the rule was that everyone would pile the candy together and once all the candy had come out of the piñata we would divide it evenly among the children.
I was nominated Katie the Candy Keeper.

Or Maybe it was the Candy Queen...

I sure felt like a queen receiving taxes from her vassals...

Lucky for these kids though, I'm a generous Candy Queen, and each child was given an equal amount of candy in the end. Now that I think of it...this candy distributing sounds a little communist...Everyone has to bring the candy they find to me and then I hand it out "evenly." 
Oh, well. I guess it worked out okay in this case! lol ;)

After the piñata we went inside again to have cake.

The birthday boy looking at his cake with hungry eyes. mmmm

These are the kids at the party who are also a part of the Eager Beavers club.

Mother and son. :)

Birthday boy with mom and sis.

Isn't it a nice cake?

A happy family on a happy day!

Now, I really have to head to bed, however, this is only half of my day...the other half is soon to come!


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  1. Oh Katie I laughed so hard when I saw your cute little chaco feet! Katie the candy keeper, lol!