Sunday, November 4, 2012

Little Things

"God answered my prayer!"
Miguel's shout tore my attention away from the book I was reading. The other people at the pool glanced up from their recliners and waitresses paused with Cokes and mango juices balanced expertly in the air, but Miguel didn't notice. 
"Katie! Katie," he screamed at the top of his lungs while he flailed through the water toward me, "He answered my, I mean, our prayer!"
"Which prayer, Miguel?"
"Remember! See, here's your hair tie that I lost."
"Oh, yes, I remember now. The last time we were here you lost my hair tie, and we prayed that we would find it, but even though we looked for it until we left, we didn't find it."
"How many days has it been since we were here last?"
"It's been three days, Miguel."
"Wow! That's amazing! It would have been amazing if God had helped us find your hair tie right after I lost it, but now to find it three days later...oh, my! That's amazing!"
"God is so good! He even cares about little things like hair ties. Why don't we pray to thank Him? Would you like to pray, or should I pray?"
"You can pray."
And I did pray. Not only to thank our Father for revealing my hair tie, but also to thank Him for revealing a bit of Himself to a little ten year old boy and his teacher. 


  1. That made me smile. God is good. He answered my prayer too ;)

  2. Very nice. I like it a lot :) That's an awesome story!

  3. That's so sweet. God is good, even in the little things. :) I'm glad God is using you Katie. Just remember, He will use you powerfully even in the little things, too.