Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Filming

Okay, so filming was a while ago, but I just wrote this for the FA newsletter and thought I'd post it on here too.

We were on the bus again, and I couldn't believe it. Didn't we just finish our last project? How could we be filming already? Excitement started to build up in my chest as I looked at the friends around me. This wasn't just your ordinary filming project (not that a filming project is very ordinary), this was a senior filming project.

It was also a rather cold filming project. The last time I'd been filming was on the sunny beaches of Hawaii. Now we were filming in the fall colors of British Columbia, and when it looks like fall in BC, it feels like winter. I couldn't look at anyone without laughing: snow boots peeked out from under skirts and everyone wore coats and gloves. Even though most of us were wearing enough layers under our uniforms to make us look a whole 10 pounds heavier, earmuffs, wool socks, hats, and coats managed to make miraculous appearances from under stools and behind trees whenever we were done with a take.

We did jumping jacks, hauled equipment, rode horses, and played tag on top of hay bales. Violinist played cellos, and cellists played trumpets, all while a flautist played the glockenspiel. We sang, laughed, ate good food, and made many memories. One of my favorite memories is Craig's counting.

Did you know that Craig's favorite number is zero? At least that's what it appeared to be. Although he used a wide assortment of numerals in various orders to count down to the beginning of each take, I'm pretty sure the number he used the most was zero. His typical count down went something like this: "10, 2, 4, 8, 0...0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0!!! " He was certainly very enthusiastic about his counting, and it may have added more smiles to the film, but I think I'm glad that he teaches music and English and not math.

Each day unfolded its own set of miracles, from physical protection and perfect timing to sound and lighting staged by the Master Artist. Everything that happened not only contributed to the creation of a product that will touch the hearts of the world, but every experience strengthened my faith, and the faith of my entire class.

Looking back, we couldn't have filmed at a better time. It's like God picked a week and said, "This week will have perfect sunshine and perfect clouds. The leaves will be at their peak, and the wind will be just right". Things that to me appeared impossible were proven divinely possible. The Lord blessed us so much, and yet I know that we won't completely understand the full extent of His blessings until we see the results in eternity.

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  1. So glad God blessed. Thanks for sharing. I can hardly wait to see the results :-)