Friday, October 21, 2011

So...Why Soli Deo Gloria?

Well, to start with, I love Bach. I really love Bach. I think that Bach is my very favorite composer. I especially love his 6 sonatas and partitas for solo violin, and his fugues. They are incredibly beautiful and some of the funnest music to play. And you know what? Bach wrote Soli Deo Gloria on every one of his compositions. It means "glory to God alone," which was Bach's intention with each of his pieces. And I want it to be my goal too. In everything I think, do, say, and write I want to give glory to God and God alone. And, well, O.K. I'll admit it. I'm a geek. I'm a HAM radio operator, a musician, planning to be a science teacher, I teach myself calculus for fun, and I have studied Latin for about 1.5 years (not to mention that my 11 year old sister is teaching me Greek when I'm home on breaks). How could I help but have a Latin name for my blog?


  1. One academic girl, you must be! But what is a HAM radio operator?

    It's a great blog name. And I'll have to agree, I love Bach's music too.

  2. A HAM radio operator is someone who has a license to use a HAM radio, and a HAM radio is a lot like the radios police use (you know how you see them walking around with a little mic/speaker on their shoulder and a radio on their belt? something like that). HAM radios are primarily for emergency response and communication, however, they're also a handy way to keep in contact with your fellow HAMs for free. Oh, and HAM stands for amateur radio.